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Notes This is where we keep some of our (terribly organized) notes on different topics we're researching or thinking about. Some day we might turn some of these into proper blog posts. Maybe... Tips for live streaming Instagram Live... Read more RV Queens Podcast with Kate @midwesternersgonerogue What was you/your family’s original WHY behind hitting the road and shedding the “normal” American life? I have to take you on a journey to answer... Read more Dragonfly 2 minute video voiceover Write a storytelling style Instagram post including emojis to caption a 2 minute video including the following information: We are... Read more Dragonfly Energy Battery weight reel Write a sponsored (ad) Instagram post including emojis about the partnership between Dragonfly Energy and Keystone RV Company notifying viewers that... Read more Elakai Outdoors 4 Player Hook & Ring Game Reel: 🎉🔥 Game on! 🔥🎉 We're absolutely loving the 4 player hook and ring game from Elakai Outdoors! 🎣🤩 And guess what? They've got a whole line... Read more Dragonfly Energy Battery Unboxing 🔋  Unboxing Dragonfly Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries 🎉 We are thrilled to announce 💥 Keystone RV Companies partnership with ⚡ Dragonfly Energy- the... Read more Camp Margaritaville Auburndale Florida @campmargaritavilleauburndale: The Ultimate RV Camping Destination 🌴 Looking for a fun, tropical getaway on the road? Look no further than Camp... Read more Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive Looking for a wild adventure? 🐊🦌 Check out the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive! This scenic 11-mile drive takes you through wetlands and forests, where... Read more Food at Universal Studios Orlando Universal Studios Florida Today Cafe- Avocado toast, mushroom veggie sandwich Finnegan’s- Shepherd pie, rosemary cocktail Central Park Crêpes- Berry... Read more RV Inspection Slide out corners look weird on living slide- cable adjustment? Dented axle? Add inverter? Charger? Lithium batteries? Roof seals Rear... Read more RV ideas Some sort of lock for cabinet doors while traveling, like the shower doors have Better cabinet latches Easier way to install LTE antennas on the... Read more Solar power Solar is complicated as fuck, okay? Don’t let anyone tell you it’s simple. They’re full of shit. Solar wattage needed 2 slide outs LED lights Carbon... Read more The Oregon Coast Here are some of our favorite places on the Oregon Coast. Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach The Haystack Rocks are one of the more touristy areas on the... Read more Reels to create Museum reciprocal Dog carrier bedroom lights outdoor rug clam Game organizer blower clean ac vents dehumidifier IKEA table daybed flooring How to... Read more Tips for photography and video on social media We need a good selfie stick Mobile Creator Kit by Peak... Read more Tips for cross posting social media Normal posts are pretty straightforward. We edit the photo in Lightroom app on iOS. Then we usually write the text in Notes or somewhere. Post the... Read more Sunday Live Topics 4-10-22 w Her Camp Carrie- Founder explain what it is Who can attend Goals for the future for Her Camp as well as personally Where to find Carrie:... Read more Selling merch Cotton Bureau Cotton Bureau is probably the top contender. I’ve come across a bunch of people who sell merch through them, and everyone says the... Read more Pitching yourself All pitches follow the same general format, and you can swap the bits and pieces depending on the type of company or product you’re pitching.... Read more Patreon cooking with us live Discounted Merch- shirts, mugs, hats,... Read more Interview questions Tell us about your family. Who is traveling with you? Trevor, Lia, Lennon, Banana Pig, Mango Salsa How are you traveling? What mode of travel? 36ft... Read more How we plan our travel RV Trip Wizard.... Read more How to create a media kit Things to include Short bio Contact info Social media links Stats Demographics? Previous collaborations Rates Rough draft I’m Lia from Llama Llama... Read more Getting internet on the road Modem - Pepwave MAX Transit Pro E Dual CAT-12 LTEA Router. This router has two CAT-12 LTE routers, which support a wide range of cellular bands. The... Read more Charging station Modern technology is great and all, but holy hell, the number of devices that need charging and the nest of different charging cables it creates…... Read more Brand Relationships WANTS: Hamama Aspen Dental Celsius Banfield StickerMule Mrs. Renfro’s Cleveland Kitchen Juanita’s Chameleon Coffee or Black Rifle Coffee Grove... Read more Blog ideas Clam setup + product links Oregon coast suggestions Museum recirprocity Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC), Association of... Read more About us Tell me a little about your family, their names and a little about them Trevor is a software engineer, and Lia is a stay at home mom to our... Read more