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Blog This is where we keep some of our (slightly less terribly organized) posts on different topics we're researching or thinking about. Black Friday and Cyber Week sales - 2023 A quick round up of Black Friday and Cyber Week sale details from some of our favorite outdoor brands. Read more
RV office Figuring out a good office setup in our 36 foot fifth wheel RV was quite a challenge. But in the end, I'm very happy with the results. I ended up with a few different office setups I can use depending on the situation. Flexibility is the name of the game in full time RV life. Read more
Tortilla chips tier list One unexpected challenge of life on the road is finding good tortilla chips. Tortilla chips seems like one of those things that would be ubiquitous and easy to find in any grocery store, right? WRONG!! While they are everywhere, most of them are mediocre. Cue the tortilla chips tier list, in which we rate the best and worst tortilla chips across the nation! Read more