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Tortilla chips tier list

S tier

Juanita’s tortilla chips

A tier

Great Value Cantina Style Tortilla Chips

B tier

On the Border Cafe Style tortilla chips

On the Border chips are really good, but kind of inconsistent. Sometimes they’re stale and cardboardy. Maybe we gotta pay more attention to how fresh they are.

GreenWise Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

GreenWise tortilla chips are pretty solid. Not the best, but damn decent. The size of the bag is a joke, though.

Wegman’s organic yellow corn tortilla chips with sea salt

C tier

Xochitl thin & crispy salted corn chips

These would be B or A tier if they weren’t so thin. But if you’re in to thin and crispy, then Xochitl might be your jam.

Late July organic sea salt thin & crispy tortilla chips Simply Nature Multi Grain Tortilla Chips Simply Nature yellow corn tortilla chips Clancy’s restaurant style tortilla chips Que Pasa organic yellow corn volcanic stone ground tortilla chips

I’ve never had “volcanic” tortilla chips before. Turns out they taste just like your standard, mid-tier tortilla chips.

D tier

On the Border Cafe Style lightly salted

On the Border’s lightly salted chips are the same great texture as their regular Cafe Style chips, but definitely not as tasty. Ya know, because salt.

Tostitos Original Restaurant Style Great Value Lightly Salted Restaurant Style White Corn Tortilla Chips

E tier

Mi Niña sea salt white corn tortilla chips

Pretty stale, not that tasty. Meh…

F tier

Xochitl no salt corn chips

NO SALT!? What the fuck are we even doing here, Xochitl? No salt? No dice!